Behind the lens
Have you ever come across a beautiful photograph of food, scrolling through social media, flicking through a magazine or browsing an online menu, and thought, WOW- I’d love to eat that! 
Your eyes widen, your mouth starts to water, you get that pang of desire in your stomach. 
That feeling is the reason why I do what I do.​​​​​​​
Hi, I’m Gabriela, an editorial and commercial food photographer and videographer based in Dublin, Ireland. Using the power of my lens, I work with food brands and businesses, big and small, to create impactful and emotive visual stories that stop customers in their tracks.  
Born in Venezuela, my food story started in 2006. Having just completed my Culinary Art studies, I began my journey in the kitchen working as a trained chef. 
In 2013, I moved to Ireland — my new home away from home.
It was here that I immersed myself into the world of food photography and videography, playing every role from recipe developer to food stylist.
My experience running a professional kitchen and developing dishes gave me a deep understanding of what it’s like to truly work with food. My approach to photography and videography reflects the food I love to cook — colourful, packed with soul, with a strong focus on the ingredients. 
While cooking was my first love, working behind the camera feels like home. 
It unites my passion for food, being creative and telling powerful stories.
To me, food photography is so much more than just taking a photo. 
It’s about celebrating food.
It’s about highlighting the vibrant colours, unique textures and flavours. It’s about using various creative techniques to bring out foods natural beauty and characteristics and convince the viewer of the deliciousness of every bite. 
Ultimately, it’s about telling a story that delights the senses, evokes memories and creates a connection with the viewer. 
Let’s tell your food story together…
Gabriela: a snapshot 📷
👨‍👩‍👧 I developed a passion for creating from my parents, who are both artists. Growing up, my home was filled with documentaries, stories, poetry, photography and cinematography.
🎼 When I’m not behind the camera or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I love to play music. I studied classical guitar for more than ten years, and in 2009, I won a scholarship to study classical guitar and lived in Havana, Cuba, for a year.
🛠️ I love hardware stores and tools, and because of that, my bags are usually filled with multiple tools and gadgets. I’m always ready for anything! 
☕ I am a true coffee lover- black, no sugar; however, I’ve developed a love and appreciation for a really good ol’ Irish cuppa since moving to Ireland.
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