The process of finding and choosing the right food photographer for your business can feel a little overwhelming, and you might be filled with a lot of questions about me, my services, fees and process. That’s completely understandable. Heck, I’d be surprised if you didn’t! 
And so, to help guide your search and put your mind at ease, I’ve collated a selection of my most commonly asked questions from previous clients below. 
I hope they help 😃​​​​​​​
Working with me 
What is your photography style?
Overall, I would describe my photography style as eclectic; however, I love to experiment with new photography techniques and styles that are outside of my comfort zone. When I’m not creating, I’m learning and expanding my photography skills to constantly offer and deliver more to my clients. 
I’m hugely inspired by Baroque-style art — characterised by richness, drama, moody scenes, deep vibrant colour, and an intense play of light and dark shadows.
As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, so I invite you to browse a selection of my work on my online portfolio.
Where are you based?
I am based in Dublin; however, I’m available for projects across Ireland ☘️
What is the difference between editorial and advertising food photography? 
Great question! 
Within editorial food photography, the beauty of the entire shot and the photo’s overall look is the most important factor. With this type of photography, a variety of carefully chosen backdrops, props and lighting are combined with the food to tell a compelling visual story. 
With advertising food photography, food is the star. Shots are all about showcasing every detail of the food and showing it off in its best possible light. Everything else is secondary. 
What services do you offer?
I create content photography for food brands, restaurants, food producers and other food-related businesses. I offer four core services:
Restaurant Photography 
Recipe Development 
You can learn more about my services here.
I’m not sure what service is right for me. Do you offer a free consultation? 
Absolutely! My process kicks off with a questionnaire to gather details about you and your project. After that, we can arrange a call to determine which of my services is the right fit for you, and I will advise on technical matters such as format, usage etc. and next steps.   
How do I book your services? 
The best way to book a session with me is to fill out my contact form or email me directly at Filling out as much information you have about your business, proposed date, and any other details of the service you’re interested in can help me provide a more accurate quote and your session booked quicker!
What equipment do you use?
My main body is a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Team Canon forever! 🙌
And then, when it comes to lights, I am all about Profoto. 
For those who like to geek out on photography like me, you can check out my gear here.
Do you use natural or artificial light? 
I began my food photography journey exclusively using natural light; however, I quickly realised that natural light is a precious commodity and had to learn to adapt.
I have studied the practice of mimicking natural light through artificial light, and this allows me to create different types of light any time of the day or year 🙌
Do you shoot in a studio or on location?
Both! Depending on the type of photographs you’re looking for, we can shoot at my studio or I can come to you. For larger projects, we can also discuss renting a larger studio space. 
Do you work solo or as part of a team?
I typically work solo; however, depending on the complexity and requirements of a project, I may enlist the help of others. I frequently work with food stylists, chefs and other videographers and feel so lucky to have a fantastic team of creators with whom I have fostered great work relationships throughout my career. 
Are you insured?
Sure am! I am fully insured as a photographer and have both public & product liability. 
👀 Fun bonus fact: I’m also a fully certified and insured drone pilot!
The Process
How long does a typical shoot take? 
This largely depends on the requirements of each project. We will determine the time needed for your shoot on our consultation call.  
When will I receive my photographs? 
Turnaround time can vary depending on the project’s complexity; however, the editing process typically takes at least 5-8 working days. Good things take time, and we promise they’ll be worth the short wait 😊
If you need your images within 48 hours, I offer an express service at an additional fee; however, this depends on my availability. 
Do you provide all the necessary materials and equipment for the shoot? (e.g. backdrops, props etc.)
My clients have full access to all of my props and surfaces; however, for projects that require specific or additional props, I offer two options:
The client sources their own materials or props.
I can offer a prop sourcing service which will incur an additional fee.
How will my images be delivered? 
Files will be delivered by online transfer via a secure link on my website 
Can I order hard copies of my images?
Absolutely! Just say the word, and I can arrange that for you, no problem! Additional fees will apply.
Who owns the copyright of the images?
As the photographer, I automatically own the copyright for all images I take. 
In the rare case that a client would like me to transfer the copyright ownership, we can arrange this; however, this can incur a large fee. 
It’s important to note that even though I own the rights to all images, they will never be issued to anybody else or used as stock photography on any other platforms.  
Please note
I love to shout loud and proud about my work with my wonderful clients. Therefore, I often use images on my social media, website and other marketing materials to promote and showcase my work as a photographer. 
Wait, what does “Copyright” even mean?
The term “Copyright” is a legal term that describes the rights given to authors/creators of certain categories of work. Copyright protection extends to various creative work, including photography, film, writing and music.  
The person who creates the work is known as the author. For example, a photographer is the “author” and the copyright owner of all photographs they create. 
When you are the owner of the copyrighted work, you have the exclusive right to control the use of the work, subject to certain exceptions and can prohibit or authorise others to copy, perform, reproduce, publish or adapt their creative work. 
Copyright takes effect as soon as the work is put on paper, film, or other fixed mediums. 
You can read more about Copyright here.
What COVID-19 precautionary measures do you take?
I carefully adhere to all government guidelines and wear a protective face covering and sanitise on all shoots.
Pricing & Payment
What are your fees? 
No two projects are the same, and so, my fees vary depending on the project scope. I provide a custom quote to all clients following our consultation call. 
Do you require a deposit?
A deposit is not required for most projects; however, full payment is required before delivering the final files. 
What payment methods do you accept? 
We ask that all payments be made via online bank transfer. 
Do you have a cancellation fee?
Cancellation fees apply to all missed, late, or cancelled appointments under a 24-hour notice period. 
What is your refund policy? 
Due to the nature of my work, I do not offer refunds; however, I work hard to deliver the best results to my clients and ensure that everyone is 100% satisfied with my work. 
I believe that communication and transparency are key. 
Before I begin any project, I go through a pre-production process with each client. We discuss the project scope in detail and clearly define the process and deliverables. I find that this is the best way to manage expectations and ensure we have everything we need to deliver the best results. 
Are there any additional fees for a shoot that runs overtime? 
Yes, any additional time will incur an additional fee.
Do you charge travel fees?
Not usually, however, this can depend on the project and location. We will confirm this during our consultation process.
More Questions?
If your question was not listed above or you’d like to discuss working with me directly, please get in touch 👇
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