It’s all about showing and telling people what you do and why you do it. I help my clients show the side that people don’t usually get to see. Our aim is to show that food businesses specially small food businesses are not all faceless brands. They are normal people creating beautiful things.
The Brand​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Think Vegan. Be Organic.
Chocolune is a vegan chocolate brand based in Miami, EEUU. Delicious and completely natural. It is handmade and prepared by an aspiring chocolatier who offers high quality to those who want to find an exquisite taste without the need for processed sugars and who has big concern for the environment.
The Maker

Amira Hadla was born in the tropical country of Venezuela, where she spent her childhood and adolescent, enjoying and learning about nature with all what offers beauty and a food bounty source. It was there where she developed her passion for real chocolate made of pure Venezuelan cacao.
For many years now, Amira lives in Miami, Florida. She is a visual artist, but she also developed a big passion for good nutrition and chocolate. Since 2017 she became vegan, but as a chocolate lover, she was not finding the right chocolate for her particular taste, so she decided to create her own. Chocolune was born.
Capturing the Process

For artisan brands like Chocolune, showing the process of making its  products is essential.
Chocolune is handmade chocolate, prepared with the stone-ground system, free of refined sugar, without animal products and only with organic ingredients and its handmade process makes its product particularly unique, specially in an increasingly technologically advanced age, where the demand for handmade goods has never been higher.
Chocolune's Products

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